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Thoughtful design using high quality materials and detailed craftsmanship while maintaining comfort and energy efficiency. Annex is the premier custom contractor serving Albuquerque and Santa Fe.


Annex is a proud participant of the 2014 Parade of Playhouses:

The Annex Playhouse
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Renovation Nation, Season 2, Episode 5

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We are very pleased with the quality of their work. Annex is a family operation (Kevin's dad did the tile and brickwork on our project) employing brothers and cousins.

We hired Annex because of their reputation for thoroughness and excellent craftsmanship. They lived up to their reputation on all counts.

Great group of people to work with, their prices are very fair, and they finished on schedule.

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SuCasa Annex article
SuCasa Annex article 2

Read the SuCasa article HERE.

Kevin is a designer, but is also willing to work with any of your creative input.

The crew was always pleasant, cooperative, helpful, and proactive. At the end of each day the Annex crew cleaned everything up before they left the property.

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